In-person training

One on one training

Trainer and brown doodle dog playing

I personally teach you how to train your dog.

Teaching your dog new skills is fun, rewarding, and provides the perfect opportunity for mutual respect and communication. The more you work with your dog, the better you’ll understand each other.

I will provide personalized sessions at your home at times that fit into your schedule. Lessons can cover anything from basic to advanced. We can work on foundation skills, advanced behaviors, tricks – whatever you and your dog want and need. I’ll show you positive, reward-based training techniques, then help you practice and perfect them. I’ll also explain why these techniques work.

Small, medium, and large dogs on a bench

Form a dog training partnership and save.

Do your family members, friends, or neighbors also have dogs? Team up with them to form a Dog Training Partnership and get the same in-home private training sessions at a discount. A Training Partnership will be two people and two dogs.

You and your Partners will train together at home in hour-long sessions. You’ll each get personal attention based on customized lesson plans for your unique situation.

Adventure Training

White poodle and Australian SHepherd in travel crates

You don’t even have to be there

You can have a well-behaved dog without taking a single training class – or even doing the training yourself (although you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun). Our home-based one-on-one training makes it possible.

We offer two convenient options to meet your needs and fit your busy lifestyle. It’s not suitable for all dogs, but if it’s suitable for yours, the benefits are large.

Trainer with chocolate labrador and black labrador

I’ll come to your home while you’re away at work and teach your dog using a custom-designed plan focused on your goals. You’ll get weekly updates on your dog’s progress, and I’ll show you simple, proven ways to strengthen those improved behaviors between sessions.

Fluffy dog sitting patiently by racks of dogfood

Teaching good leash skills requires time and consistency. I can teach your dog street skills while you’re working, making those evening walks more enjoyable for everyone.

I’ll come to your house while you’re away and take your dog out for an excursion. We might walk around your neighborhood, visit a dog-friendly store, or check out new destinations. Your dog will be exposed to different situations and distractions and will learn to cope with the unexpected. I’ll provide weekly updates on your dog’s progress and show you ways to reinforce the good behaviors.

To sign up for classes, contact Cindy by phone, text, or email. If you text, be sure to say who you are!