Why train your dog?

Why train your dog? Why not let her “just be a dog”?

Why not let her “just be a dog”?

We teach our dogs for the same reasons we teach out children – to give them a firm foundation of knowledge and manners for living in the world and for living with us. Dogs are intelligent creatures and should have choices and the opportunity to live rich, fulfilling lives. Our jobs are to help them learn to make the right choices, to understand why sometimes they can’t make the choice we want, and to enrich their lives with chances to play and learn. The best experiences and the best results come from true conversation between dog and human.

Some people only want their dogs to come when called, not to pee in the house, and to refrain from jumping on visitors. That’s basic training, right there.

Some people want to ensure their dogs play well with others, both human and canine, and don’t pull on the leash. That’s basic training too.

Some people want fun and games (although to the dog, all good training is fun and games). There are training programs for agility, nosework, musical freestyle, tricks, dock diving, and many more.

Some people need to train to help their dogs overcome bad habits like jumping or resource guarding.

Some people want to train for competition in obedience, agility, or scent work. Some want to earn titles such as Canine Good Citizen, Urban Canine, or Trick Dog.

Some people want to train so their dogs can be Therapy Dogs, visiting schools, hospitals, and shut-ins.

The possibilities are endless!

Whatever your reason, I’m here to make it happen and to have fun along the way. I do reward-based in-person training in the Charleston, South Carolina, area and online training from anywhere you are. I’d love to work with you to help you get the dog of your dreams. Check out our offerings and contact us to get started.