Ongoing classses – see the descriptions on the Group Classes page

Hounds About Town – In person, outdoors – Saturday mornings, 8:30 am.

From the Ground Up – In person, outdoors. This is a class for everybody.

Control Unleashed® Games – In person, outdoors.

From Cindy: Over the years, my passion has changed from merely training a dog to sit to communicating with the dog about how to sit in different situations. Obviously, you can substitute any other behavior for “sit”. The best experiences and the best results come through true conversation between dog and human.

I like to combine two of the things I love most in dog training – Control Unleashed® concepts and sports foundations – with basic manners to create classes that are fun and engaging for companion dogs and sports dogs, along with their favorite humans.

We will customize our sessions to incorporate the things that are important to you and to your dog. If your dog has issues – fear, resource guarding, over-excitement (for examples) – we can help you work through them so everyone is happier. I can teach you to manage situations while you’re working on resolutions. Easy, issue-free dogs deserve training too. Basic manners and communication are key to good times. We can also have a lot of fun – play, socialization, exposure to new and exciting places.

I will work with you and your dog to help develop those bonds of communication.