Praise for Cindy Carter and Mindful Manners Dog Training

Buddy the PoodleBuddy

After working with Cindy, our adorable, hyper, stubborn, lovable Bichon Frise became much more mannerly, a delight to our family, and an amazement to our friends. Cindy always seems to know what Buddy is thinking, and able to stay one step ahead of him. I highly recommend her to anyone with aspirations for their pet.”

Jane Williams Smith and Buddy



“Cindy has been our Shar-Pei Denali’s trainer since she was three months old. On day one of her training, sweet, stubborn Denali planted her feet and refused to walk on a leash. Cindy not only taught her to walk politely, but to sit, stay, and come when called! Thanks to Cindy’s training, Denali now happily goes downtown to the farmers market, the pet store, and other public places.

I recommend Cindy to anyone who wants a well-trained dog. She has demonstrated her professionalism and excellent training abilities time and again.”

Anne E. Double and Denali



“When my husband and I brought our first puppy home at seven weeks old, we had no clue where to begin house training or crate training her, much less how to teach her good manners. The last seven months of classes and private lessons with Cindy has made a world of difference.

We quickly learned that some of Rylee’s issues were not Rylee at all; we needed training as much as she did. Cindy is very patient with her students and always offers several solutions to challenges.

We are so thankful to have found Cindy; she truly knows dogs and how to train them. We would absolutely refer Cindy and Mindful Manners to anyone who is either having issues with their dog or who just wants to begin formal training. She is reliable, flexible, and most importantly, effective!”

Kristin, Jeff and Rylee



“Cindy has worked with my Labrador, Waco, and me for several years. Even though Waco is a good student, I’m kind of a klutz. But Cindy’s coaching has vastly improved my handling skills. I’ve also watched Cindy work with dogs who have issues, and seen how patient and sympathetic she is with both dogs and owners. Whatever the problem, Cindy provides positive, professional assistance.

Cindy Carter knows how to train dogs. They like her, trust her, and therefore work with her – whether or not she has a pocket full of tasty treats. More importantly, she knows how to coach us dog parents to become better trainers, handlers, and companions to our best friends!”

Edna Young and Waco


Gabe the Golden RetrieverGabe

“Cindy has helped my Golden Retriever Gabe to be much better-behaved, and both of us to be happier. She is full of great ideas and works tirelessly to resolve difficulties. Most of all, she is fun and loves dogs and their owners.”

Mary Helen and Gabe



“When we took our Shar-Pei Cocoa home at about eight months old, the rescue group we adopted her from didn’t have any information about her prior four years. They thought she was able to get along with other dogs and children, but that turned out not to be the case. When she saw other dogs, her leash reactivity was so bad that we considered returning her to the rescue. Fortunately, we found Cindy at the right time.

Thanks to Cindy’s diligent work with us, Cocoa remains a cherished member of our family. Cindy definitely knows her stuff, but even more importantly knows how to show dogs that she truly cares about them, and they respond to that. We recommend Cindy to anyone needing help with their dog.”

Joann and Joe Brewer and Cocoa


Goldie the goldenGoldie

Goldie loves going to Cindy’s class. It is just wonderful to be able to walk in real-life situations around town with Cindy there to give real-time advice on how to handle any issue that might come up. Walking with a group of people and their dogs allows both Goldie and I to make friends and get some exercise, all while practicing what we’ve learned under Cindy’s watchful eye!”


Karen and Goldie



“We have been working with Cindy since our Hoosier was a puppy. Before working with Cindy, Hoosier was very impulsive and unable to relax. She has made remarkable progress with Cindy’s help. We are so happy and grateful for what Cindy has taught us and Hoosier.”

Leah, Brandon and Hoosier


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